Wessex Archaeology can produce superb-quality photographs and video to encourage interaction with and understanding of archaeology and cultural heritage across a wide range of audiences.



Our photographic studio produces digital images for publication, exhibitions, online collections and archives. We also have an extensive collection of images for sale for exhibitions, displays and publications. To browse through our collection follow this link to our Flickr site. Prices are available on request.



Wessex Archaeology has a long history of working with TV production crews, and three of our staff are Time Team regulars: Phil Harding, Jacqueline McKinley and Matt Williams.

We can create high quality informative short videos during site work or at our offices. Our Graphics Team has the capability to take, edit and create informative short videos and these are often invaluable educational or public relations resources for our clients.

For maximum reach, we can post videos on our own YouTube channel as well as on your website.



Video capture

Sound and voice overs

Artefact photography


Video editing and compilation

Video dissemination via social media


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