Wessex Archaeology has a Studio team of professional illustrators working across the UK who capture beautiful and engaging imagery and create quality videos. 

Photography is one of the main recording tools for our heritage team and fieldwork archaeologists. Besides creating an archaeological record for the archive, a project might require a very different photographic imagery. Photographs showing important finds recovered from a site will need to be included in the publication, used in press releases or online when disseminating information about the discovery. Our illustrators can take studio lit publication quality images of finds of all sizes ready for display in any media. From detail close up images of individual items to creating a full photographic catalogue of a museum or personal collection, we can help.


More than just an image

Wessex Archaeology also has the in-house capability to create high quality Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) which can be used to enhance a 2D image and bring out the most important, or very faint details, of an object. Our Studio team also use photogrammetry, a process which uses multiple images from various angles to create an accurate 3D model of the object. From these models a set of orthographic images can be output, creating an accurate measurable record of the find. Both these process can be used as an analytical tool, enabling other specialist as well as the public to examine in detail a virtual copy of the object online.


Why create archaeological videos?

Moving imagery is far more engaging to a wider audience than still imagery or just text. If you want a press release for your site we recommend you have a short video made. Many press agencies favour stories that have short animations or videos, as this is ready made content they can use directly on their website or on the television. Though our Communications Manager Wessex Archaeology identifies which sites are likely to require a high level of press exposure, and recommend collecting video footage as well as quality photographic imagery as part of the recording process. Although for site security reasons, many of these sites cannot be discussed while being excavated, collecting the data during excavation means we have the material to edit into an informative video when the time is right to release the story.

Some sites naturally require a higher level of community engagement, and these clients require a regular release of information via our website and social media streams. Short videos or vlogs on a weekly or monthly basis, highlighting the latest discoveries, will engage a wider audience and create a greater following for the project.


Video as a heritage legacy product

Many clients now have sustainability objectives and need to create legacy products for their projects. This might be a webpage, or an on-site information board. Digital legacy content is on the increase, and video and sound capture are key elements. Whether you are recording a site or gathering memories from a community, our team has the ability to capture both high quality video and sound, as well as create and incorporate animations. Our Studio team can create engaging and informative short films, aimed at a wide range of target audiences. From the interested amateur, or the general public to information for students tailored to match the national curriculum. 

For more examples of videos from the WA Studio follow the Case Study links below or go to the Our Work page here and filter using Type Video. 

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