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The Wessex Archaeology Heritage team have begun their initial phase of work at the Shugborough Estate, a National Trust property in Staffordshire. The site is rare in its completeness; the estate has survived with all major buildings including the mansion house, servants' quarters, historic farmyard and walled garden.


The project

The National Trust commissioned the Wessex Archaeology Heritage team to provide information about the origins, development and construction of the mansion and its ancillary buildings. 

This information will form the basis for future interpretation, use, presentation and understanding of the site to inform masterplanning, and any possible alternative or adaptive re-use of the spaces. 

Project phases

The team are undertaking a programme of historic building recording, commensurate with a Historic England Level 3 Survey, over two phases. Phase 1 is underway, and Phase 2 will commence after March 2019. 

Our programme of works includes comprehensive documentary research, which has already been completed, and on-site survey, analysis and interpretation. The on-site work includes:

  • producing a written record of the buildings, which in this case will also include the production of a gazetteer for each room;
  • assembling a comprehensive photographic record; and
  • creating a drawn record, comprising the reproduction and enhancement of existing building floor plans, sections and elevations. 

Following our on-site work, we will be producing a full, comprehensive and cross-referenced report.

Historic Building recording at Shugborough Estate

Watch this space to get involved

During our Phase 2 works on the mansion, we will be undertaking two workshop days aimed at engaging members of the public and local groups. The public will be able to join our team on site surveying the mansion and enjoy lessons in recording techniques. 

We will also be offering insights and updates about this fascinating project via our social media platforms and news pages on our website.


By Lucy Marston, Principal Heritage Consultant

Built Heritage recording work at Shugborough Estate Built Heritage recording work at Shugborough Estate