Wessex Archaeology has one of the largest archaeological website in the UK. As an educational charity we aim to disseminate of our work to as wide an audience as possible, and our website has a huge reach around the world. Besides explaining our full range of services, the site show cases the work we do both for our clients, and as part of our educational remit. 

Our communications manager works closely with our web team to ensure we have a joined-up method of disseminating information, to maximise the audience we reach. Ensuring the clients message and the results are accurately represented is important to us, and our press team works closely with archaeologist, specialist, our clients and the press.

Why have a press release?

Many of our clients have a sustainability requirement, wanting to engage with the wider community as well as leave legacy products for their projects. On projects that aims to engage with the public, we work closely with clients right from the start to ensure the release of information is structured, and creates maximum impact. The BBC and national newspapers regularly picked up stories from us, and to maximise distribution we also contact regional and local papers to ensure the community is informed. 

Many projects can have an active press or social media coverage while sites are ongoing, but some stories might have to be held back until we have all the relevant facts prepared, as the information released needs to be accurate and clear. This can be beneficial as it also provides time to create more engaging visuals to go with the press release, such as video or reconstructions

Occasionally an unexpected archaeological discovery which is nationally important is made, this can create a wonderful PR opportunity for a client. Developers have to pay for archaeological work on all construction sites. With a press release they can show how they have worked closely with archaeologists to recover and record the archaeology, or how they have managed to protect heritage elements by adjusting their plan for the new development. These stories often can’t be released until well after the site has been archaeologically recorded, or even after the development is completed, but they can be just as effective at raising the profile of the site and developer.

Press on site

How does a media push work?

The best way to ensure maximum take up and coverage of a story is to have a good strong message. If the site has more than one important discovery it is better to have a series of press releases. Time has to be given to ensure that the facts are straight, which might mean a delay waiting for dating results etc. It is best to create strong visuals such as reconstructions or video, and to ensure once the story is released to the press, that a wave of supporting social media information is released from both the client and through Wessex Archaeology’s own media streams.

Sites that want to ensure a high profile throughout their duration will need a programme of rolling social media and press releases, ensuring the story is remembered and built on. 

Bespoke web content for client sites

Our team are experienced at not only creating web content for our own sites but has created content including text, still or moving imagery for other websites. Whether you are looking for engaging content about the archaeology on your site, or an educator looking to create an image bank or resource materials, the Wessex Archaeology team can help.


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