Wessex Archaeology can provide scientific dating services for our clients, including specialist advice on the full range of scientific dating methods applicable to archaeology, and their commission via our relationship with a number of market-leading specialist laboratories.

Whilst radiocarbon dating is the most frequently applied method and is discussed in more detail below, other dating services we can offer include:

  • Dendrochronology;
  • Optical stimulated luminescence (OSL);
  • Archaeomagnetic dating;
  • Amino acid racimisation dating (AAR) 
  • Spheroidal carbonaceous particle (SCP) analysis

We are market leaders in the application of radiocarbon dating for commercial purposes, and have been at the forefront of introducing new statistical methods (known as Bayesian techniques) to produce more precise chronologies. This has led notably to the re-dating of Stonehenge.

Wood sample being examined down a microscope On site collecting soil samples for dating

By applying rigorous standards to sample identification and selection, combined with our unique relationship with many of the leading radiocarbon laboratories, we ensure high quality results, good value, reliability and rapid delivery for our clients.

We have a large team of in-house scientific-dating experts and a network of approved external specialists. Our staff have been trained by leading bodies such as the Historic England Scientific Dating Team and Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit. They are expert users of OxCal and other scientific dating programmes.


Sander Aerts

Environmental Manager

Sander Aerts

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Senior Environmental Archaeologist

Inés López-Dóriga

Andrew Shaw

Principal Geoarchaeologist

Andrew Shaw

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