Wessex Archaeology has a specialist in-house design Studio with experienced designers who can create engaging literature. For both print and online materials, the designs we produce help to engage a wide range of target audiences, from academic specialists to community interest groups and children.


Designed to engage

To help engage with the local community and raise awareness of archaeological discoveries, we often recommend our clients host a community event or site open day. Wessex Archaeology’s Studio team use striking designs and reconstructions to get information across in both an imaginative and accessible way. Wessex Archaeology can help with the writing, design, layout and production of information handouts to provide on the day. These materials can be designed for re-use on websites, enabling us to create a legacy project page so people can access this information long after the excavations have finished. 

For open days and community events, Wessex Archaeology can also provide display materials, which can be designed to work seamlessly with the client’s own display information, or we can create a bespoke project colour scheme and look. We also have our own travelling display material, which can be booked to attend community events to help inform people about archaeology in general, or to help them understand the local heritage or archaeological discoveries.

Designed to educate

Wessex Archaeology’s designers work closely with new schools to create children’s educational materials to help students understand the heritage discovered beneath their school buildings and playgrounds. These books are usually written and illustrated for younger children, to engage with new students as they join the school. As well as designing school brochures with a heritage theme, the team can help design school logos and create artworks to be embedded into the school fabric. This helps connect the students with their hidden archaeological heritage, inspiring the next generation. 

Wessex Archaeology’s educational team creates teacher’s packs with materials to match the national curriculum, for key stages 1, 2 and 3. These are designed and typeset in-house by our Studio team and tested on teachers and real classes before distribution via school visits and this website. We work closely with teachers to ensure our school packs captivate children of all ages.


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