The Steart Point Habitat Creation Scheme is a project in North Somerset which will create a major new wetland habitat, including some 183 ha of intertidal salt marsh, 40 ha of intertidal mudflat, 69 ha of transitional brackish habitat, 79 ha of coastal grazing marsh, 32 hectares of brackish and saline lagoons, 26 hectares of freshwater lagoon and numerous ponds and ditches.

Excavation work at Steart Point, North Somerset Excavation work at Steart Point, North Somerset

Team Van Oord working as Principal Contractor for the Environment Agency, commissioned Wessex Archaeology in October 2011 to conduct the archaeological investigations associated with this scheme. Over the following 18 months, Wessex Archaeology carried out extensive geophysical survey, fieldwalking, evaluation (approximately 200 trenches), geoarchaeological assessment, detailed excavation of four separate sites, and extensive watching brief both during the main phase of groundwork and an earlier phase of focused investigation following survey for unexploded ordnance. The investigations have uncovered a wealth of archaeological information, including late prehistoric and Romano-British settlements, and medieval and early post-medieval moated sites. The detailed analysis and publication of these results is currently underway.

We are proud to announce this project was the winner of the Environment Agency Exemplar Award for Health, Safety & Environment 2013.

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