Wessex Archaeology has a long history of publication and dissemination through academic reports, journal articles, popular books and other media.  Our grey-literature reports are published and can be accessed on the Archaeological Data Service

We produce high-quality publications on a range of topics and periods, through our monograph and occasional paper series (both print and digital). Our eBooks enable the use of dynamic content allowing us to present the innovative technologies that are increasingly being used on site and during the post-excavation process. Academic articles are regularly published in local, regional, national and international journals. Our popular books are tailored to each client’s requirements.

Our experienced Publications Team works closely with editors, illustrators and typesetters to ensure a streamlined production process. Quality assurance is built in at every stage. We bolster our in-house production expertise with specialist skills (such as translation and indexing) bought in from professionals with a proven track record. Our team are constantly seeking new and engaging ways to present our results to ensure that our content remains current and reaches the widest audiences possible.  

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Matt Leivers

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Patrick Daniel


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