Understanding human development and interactions with our environment over thousands of years can hold the key to some of the challenges we face today. 

As the world becomes more connected and digitised, data has never been more important in informing our collective knowledge – or so readily available on such a huge scale. The skills to provide qualitative research and help identify meaning within large bodies of complex data areessential. 

Quality global research 

Rigorous research, assessment, interpretation and understanding combined with the ability to convey this information forms the basis of any successful project.

Wessex Archaeology's Research Team consists of over forty experts, who can collectively offer unparalleled knowledge and experience. 

From the initial design phase, we can help clients to add value to projects and schemes by designing and implementing a research agenda that adds to our global body of knowledge.

Services for research projects

We work closely with clients across development, academia, the media, governments, education and local communities to develop and deliver quality pieces of research as a lasting project output.

Our experts can design projects to address specific questions in alignment with a targeted research agenda. We provide expert input into regional frameworks, undertake detailed research, data collation and interpretation, carry out spatial and geoarchaeological modelling, provide mixed media outputs and offer specialist interviews or attendance.

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Community engagement 

As an educational charity, we work with our clients to positively promote the results of ourresearch to communities through public engagement and education. 

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What our clients say… 

“We could think of no better partner to work with in our research. The data we observed in the field exceeded our expectations.”

Dr Amanda Evans, Coastal Environments Inc.