Wessex Archaeology's Graphics Team produces superb quality illustrations, from hand drawings to innovative artistic styles using the latest technology.


Illustrations for publication

We prepare hundreds of illustrations for monographs and journals every year, working closely with authors to choose the best visual way to depict archaeological information. Publications range from academic books, papers and journals to popular articles and children's literature. Each project is tailored to the editor’s requirements.


Illustrating artefacts

Our graphics officers are very experienced at illustrating pottery and finds, working with our in-house specialists to prepare accurate measured drawings that show all the key aspects of an object.


Techniques and styles

We use a range of techniques from traditional measured hand drawing to digital methods such as digital inking and innovative artistic styles produced using the latest technology. Our photographic studio produces publication-quality photographs and photogrammetric images of finds.

Selection of artefacts illustrated for publication Selection of pottery illustrated for publication


Quality illustrations for publication

Pottery and artefact illustration

Karen Nichols

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