As an accredited member of the Association for Heritage Interpretation, Wessex Archaeology’s Studio team of experienced in-house designers, can create all you need for exhibitions and displays, for both indoor venues or on-site information.

Our heritage specialists can help you with the research and writing of informative text tailored to suit your audience. Our Studio team designs public information boards and prepares print-ready artwork. Whether you require an onsite permanent information panel to meet your planning requirements, or panels for an open day to tell the local community about the latest discoveries found on your site, we will streamline the process from start to finish.

Bulford Display Panel Smoke Lane Panel
Series of information panels in community hall School group looking at information display panel

Heritage information panels 

Increasingly as part of the planning consent process, Planning Authorities require developers to install a permanent information panel as a legacy product. Whether you have a planning requirement or you would just like to encourage public engagement through your site’s heritage assets, our team of experts can help. 

Permanent information panels come in many forms and we work closely with our clients to find the best design to fit with each site. Most basic display panels contain static text and images, and can be attached to walls or set in the ground on a stand. We also offer popular digital display panels which are equipped with a solar panel. These installations provide an offline WiFi link and can serve up images, video, text, and audio files to users’ mobile devices within range of your site.

3D reconstructions can be used on interactive touch screen displays which include informative text, and allow the audience to explore the site and how it changed through time.

Heritage Interpretation from Wessex Archaeology touch screens
Salisbury Cathedral display in the cloisters Kingsmead Horton community hall display

Community events and exhibitions

Many clients share the discoveries they have made with the local community, building links and goodwill with key stakeholder groups. By having an open day on site, a launch in a new building, or an event in a local community hall, the developer can create stronger links with the existing community and ensure that people are kept aware of site developments. As part of an open day or event, Wessex Archaeology’s Studio can create either a single or a series of display panels to present information in an engaging way. 

On many sites, moveable or travelling exhibition are popular as elements can be reused at other sites, such as local schools, libraries, in show-homes or as a display in your  offices. Roller banner displays are ideal for this as they are simple to put up and take down, as well as easy to transport. They are also modular making it is possible to build up a series of matching banners as the site progresses. This allows the story to grow especially on a big site where excavation work might go over many years, and a series of events is programmed.

Display on a window Heritage Interpretation from Wessex Archaeology Travelling Exhibition Digital display and artefact cabinet at Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport

Heritage Interpretation 

Whether you are looking for a temporary display at a community event, or a more permanent on-site information panel, we have a team of people ready to help. 

We are skilled at distilling complex information down into engaging, informative text tailored to your target audience. Our Studio team creates a range of visual interpretations, from informative maps and plans to captivating reconstructions. Using both traditional and modern techniques, our reconstruction images help to engage diverse audiences and bring the past to life. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of the products we create and work hard, in partnership with our clients, to ensure both the imagery and information provided are as accurate and engaging as possible. 

Heritage Interpretation from Wessex Archaeology 2D Reconstructions Heritage Interpretation from Wessex Archaeology 2D Reconstructions Heritage Interpretation from Wessex Archaeology 2D Reconstructions

Display panel artwork

Exhibitions and information panels can be produced in many materials, and our team is experienced in creating artwork for all types, from full colour printed onto metal or encapsulated Glass Reinforced Plastic (GPR), to monochrome designs cut out of wood, etched into glass or steel plaques. 

Printing and installation is a highly specialised service, and although we do not have the capability to provide this for you in-house, we can work with a production company of your choice, or we can recommend a company that we trust and have worked with many times before. We work alongside exhibition companies and museums to create content for galleries across the UK and abroad.

Exhibition and Displays from Wessex Archaeology On Site Display Boards Ste Apolline's display panel Exhibition and Displays from Wessex Archaeology Building Displays

We can also offer heritage advice on the best place to site your permanent display panel or plaque, as there will be restrictions if the monument is scheduled or the buildings are listed.

Reaching a wide audience

We have an in-house Education and Community Engagement team, a Media team and a Press Officer, all helping you reach as wide an audience as possible. 

Find out more about our Heritage Interpretation Services here.

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