Wessex Archaeology can create all you need for exhibitions and displays, for use in an inside or on-site context.

Our specialists can help you with heritage research, writing text to suit your audience, designing public information boards and preparing artwork for printing. Whether your exhibition is to meet planning requirements or for an open day to tell the local community about discoveries found on your site, we will streamline the whole process.


Reaching a wide audience

We have an in-house Education and Community Engagement Team, a Social Media Team and a Press Officer, all helping you reach as wide an audience as possible. Our Graphics Team reconstruct the past using easily understandable visuals and 3D models. We also work alongside exhibition companies and museums to create content for galleries across the UK and abroad.

Display content text and graphics

Display banner production

Design concept and print-ready production

Reconstruction & animation

Karen Nichols

How can we help?

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