Wessex Archaeology has a team of 2D and 3D animators who create engaging and informative animations as part of our Heritage Interpretation Services.

Animation shorts and animated content for inclusion into video content help the audience to understand spoken content and can also engage with an audience who are not usually interested in the subject matter. We all know that moving imagery an animation in particular is far more attractive to younger audiences, but it also has the ability to reach people from different cultures. Animation can get the message across with minimal or even no spoken or written content. Images and especially moving imagery knows no language barrier.


Styles and Techniques

There are various techniques for creating animation, and our studio with its large team and wide-ranging skills base, allows us to create many styles to reach different audiences and fit with your projects look or feel.

2D – With our highly skilled team of artists we can create everything from simple line drawn animations, through to cartoon and manga styles, we have even used digital watercolour painting techniques. The style used will be selected to match the subject and the audience. A medium style that might surprise your target audience can be more engaging and effective.


3D – Our highly trained 3D artists create both scenery and fully rigged 3D characters allowing us to create animated lip-synced footage of characters form the past.

Whatever your need, we have staff to make your project to come to life! We can even use puppet animation to match a live presentation, replacing the actual speaker with a character from the past.


Why use Animation

Animation within the Heritage sector has many uses. The most common is to explain events or activities from the past. Animation can also be used to engage an audience with the heritage aspects of a development. Providing a legacy product video can help give the local community a sense of place by explaining the heritage associated with their area, or a specific building such as a school.

If you provide training sessions, you will find turning it into animated content will make it far more engaging, memorable and easy to watch. Training sessions can suddenly become a treat rather than a chore, with the right tone people may even want to watch it more than once!

Iron Age puppet design Iron Age backgrounds

If you want to engage with a younger audience animation is almost essential. Our educational characters can be designed to be attractive to target age groups, and are used to gently educate and inform through a fun medium.

Whoever you target audience is, whatever your projects animation needs are, either a full animation or content to add into a video, Wessex Archaeology’s Studio can help.


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Lizzie Garwood

2D Animator and Illustrator

Lizzie Garwood

Poppy Marlow

3D Character Artist

Poppy Marlow

Jennie Anderson

Illustrator - Reconstruction Artist

Jennie Anderson