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Wessex Archaeology
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Geomatics & Survey

I have been working for Wessex for over 5 years having started my employment as a fieldwork technician. I am now responsible for leading many of our more technical based surveys such as laser scanning, walkover and topographic surveys. I am also part of the UAV pilot team and have completed over 150 flights at sites across the UK conducting both aerial topographic surveys and promotional filming and photography.

I have worked on a number of different projects from small scale mitigation sites to large infrastructure and am regularly part of the outreach team that gives tours of the intact crucible cellars at Sheffield’s Titanic Works. I was particularly excited to conduct the UAV and laser scanning surveys of the HMS Trincomalee in Hartlepool having been a regular visitor to the museum there since I was very young. I was also part of the team that travelled to Jordan to conduct a UAV survey of Tell el Hammam as part of a National Geographic documentary.

I am particularly interested in the potential of using UAVs for archaeological survey and historic buildings recording.