Wessex Archaeology regularly provides heritage statements detailing the significance of heritage assets.


What a heritage statement does

A heritage statement sets out what makes a heritage asset significant, often including its setting. It can assess the potential impact of a proposed development and may also include a strategy to mitigate any adverse effects.


When a heritage statement is required

The local authority may ask for a heritage statement to be submitted with a planning application where a proposed development will affect the significance of a heritage asset. This is to comply with paragraph 128 of the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF).

The NPPF indicates a heritage statement should be ‘proportionate to the asset’s importance’ and ‘no more than is sufficient’. Our knowledgeable team can assist in establishing what constitutes ‘proportionate’ and ‘sufficient’, including engaging with local authorities and national bodies such as Historic England, Welsh Historic Monuments (Cadw) or Historic Environment Scotland. We then produce a robust, considered and detailed document.


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Naomi Brennan

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Thomas Piggott

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