Reflectance Transformation Imaging (RTI) is a photographic method that captures a subject’s shape and colour to reveal surface information invisible under normal examination.

Images are created from multiple photographs of a subject, where each shot is taken with light projected from a different direction to produce varying highlights and shadows. These are then combined so the changing interplay of light and dark discloses fine details of the surface.


When RTI is required

Wessex Archaeology use RTI for detailed analysis of delicate objects requiring little or no handling, assisting in their conservation. We have studied wall surface fabric, gravestones, Saxon altar stones and graffiti on buildings. We have also been better able to understand, illustrate and record the subtle surface detail on artefacts such as flint, chalk, stone, antler, bone, metal, glass and pottery. This method enables us to capture high quality images of this enhanced detail.


High quality

RTI allows our specialists to analyse objects under controlled conditions and significantly augments our work. We have developed efficient in-house RTI techniques that are quicker and better quality than approaches employed by other practitioners. Our equipment is also portable, so we can come to you and work wherever the subject is.


Ian Atkins

Senior Illustrator & Videographer

Ian Atkins


Graveyard Survey

Inscriptions and relief detail recording

On-site image capture

Artefact analysis and illustration

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