Our experts use a variety of sophisticated survey equipment to record archaeological features within a landscape during a walkover survey. Landscapes are a living canvas and can contain a record of people and communities covering thousands of years through the physical remains left behind. These remains take many forms, from 20th century buildings and medieval field boundaries, through to Bronze Age barrows and Iron Age hillforts and everything in between. Walkover surveys are a practical and systematic method of surveying and recording visible archaeological remains within the landscape.

Landscape features can be metrically recorded using Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) and/or Total Stations. This metric record is supplemented by information captured using a mobile GIS platform which is then analysed along with other spatial data, such as LiDAR, multi-spectral data or historic mapping, for interpretation and reporting.


Heritage statement

Statements of significance

Historic environment risk appraisals

Historic environment desk-based assessment

Settings assessment

EIA archaeology and cultural heritage chapters

Historic environment management

Historic landscape characterisation and interpretation

Monument condition survey

Historic landscape condition survey

Scheduled monuments

Written scheme of investigation

3D modelling and visualisation

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