The Marine Antiquities Scheme (MAS) and Wessex Archaeology Coastal & Marine team are excited to have a display stand at the sold out 36th International Shipwreck Conference in Plymouth on 3 February 2018. At the stand, conference attendees can handle a range of finds reported through the MAS, and have a go with the MAS app. The MAS provides a platform for reporting discoveries made by beach combers, dog walkers, divers, fishermen and other coastal and sea users around the country. 

At the stand, there will also be short video highlighting some of the recent work the Coastal & Marine team have been doing this year, how the MAS app works, and on finds reported through the Fishing Industry Protocol for Archaeological Discoveries (FIPAD).

We look forward to seeing you there for some lively discussions and the informative and interesting presentations.

By Alistair Byford-Bates, Archaeologist, Coastal & Marine