2013 has been an exciting year up at Barrow Clump. Site Director, Phil Andrews sums up the latest discoveries for the blog:
Summer digging at last!
"Well July went far too quickly, with the summer heatwave coinciding almost exactly with our stay on site. Excellent weather for camping, while the trees gave us welcome shelter from the sun – they were protection from the drizzle last year!
Our final Anglo-Saxon grave count was 22, a few more than I had anticipated, with a variety of grave goods. Although not as spectacular as last year the finds included two shield bosses, two spearheads and several knives as well as a pair of saucer brooches, three finger rings, tweezers and numerous glass and amber beads.
Archaeologically the most exciting discoveries were of prehistoric date. A large Neolithic pit containing deer antlers, a hammerstone, pieces of sarsen and struck flint was uncovered while a rare and beautiful section was exposed showing the Neolithic land surface, the ‘Beaker’ mound and ditch, and the overlying turf core of the Early Bronze Age barrow."
Next week, the site from above as we’ve never seen it before.