The finds appear as forecast – along with a little rain!

As week 3 draws to a close, Phil Andrews, Site Director, sums up the progress made on site this week:

A damp start to week 3 failed to dampen spirits on site as the grave count reached 14. No sooner had last week’s blog been completed than a group of glass and amber beads was found in one grave. Shortly after this the discovery of an iron shield boss in another grave caused considerable excitement, adding to the one found in 2003/4. This grave is currently under excavation and we expect at least a spearhead to be found in the next few days.

Another grave nearby produced our first brooch – a copper alloy disc brooch, which requires some cleaning to reveal the decoration. However, as this is being written a further grave has revealed a spearhead and immediately below this a copper alloy rim, possibly from a bucket or drinking vessel. If so this would be an unusual and important find – all will be revealed shortly!

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