This week WA Coastal & Marine's John McCarthy and Isger Vico Sommer travelled from Edinburgh to a surprisingly sunny Sweden to participate, present and exchange ideas with national and international colleagues at the 2nd European Conference on Scientific Diving. It was hosted at the Sven Lovén centre (about 2 hours north of Gothenburg) by the University of Gothenburg in collaboration with Bohusläns Museum and Västra Götaland Regional Council. Some of the main topics included coastal research using scientific diving, new technologies and methods for scientific divers, research in cold waters using scientific diving and archaeological diving regulations!
WA presented the project SAMPHIRE which fitted very well to a theme of working with the public to gather scientific information often touched upon throughout the conference. We would like to thank all the participants and organisers for a great conference!
By Isger Vico Sommer, Archaeologist
(WA Coastal & Marine)