My name is Emma Robertson and I have been a member of the field staff since September last year. Through November I was sheltering from the ever colder days excavating urned cremation burials recovered by the Kent office. Excavation in miniature took a couple of days to adjust too but it has been an interesting and useful experience. From dealing with the finer details of formation processes, to adjusting to in-office working, I have gained valuable skills and knowledge, as well as the enjoyment of working with a side of funerary archaeology that most university lectures seem to shy away from. 
Going from the field to the office was not as big a change of pace as expected. Being surrounded by so many specialist minds created a great atmosphere, with conversations and discussions about many different processes, finds, and periods of history. Plus easy access to cups of tea makes a work day that much more manageable. It has been interesting to observe and deal with material and paperwork from a post-excavation position. This has reinforced just how important clarity and ticking the right boxes out on site can be. 
Working in the office has been a different experience, and I am excited  about having further opportunities to work and learn alongside Osteoarchaeologists Jackie and Kirsten. This training has opened up new opportunities to learn and pass on my newly learnt knowledge to others, such as the chance to help Project Supervisor Phoebe Olsen get to grips with urned cremation burials as we swap places. Now it is time to brave the cold and rescue my abandoned trowel from the depths of my tool bag.