Wessex Archaeology is committed to communicating the results of archaeological and historical investigations in new and interesting ways. For the Historic England supported ‘We die like brothers…’ exhibition, artist, film maker and Associate Professor Dr Shawn Sobers of the University of the West of England was invited by exhibition lead Susan Hayward to exhibit his film African Kinship Systems: Emotional Science – Case Study: The fate of the SS Mendi. The film, partly inspired by Dr Sobers’ discovery of our online desk-based assessment of the Mendi wreck site, asks how communities respond to personal memorial and the fate of the ship. Dr Sobers collaborated in making it with former British soldiers of African heritage, the dance choreographer Remi Tawose and the Bristol-based poet and film maker Rob Mitchell to examine the loss of the Mendi from many different viewpoints.

You can see the film either at the South African National War Memorial at Delville Wood on the Somme or by visiting Dr Sober’s website at http://www.shawnsobers.com/african-kinship-systems-emotional-science-case-study-2-ss-mendi-tragedy/.