Wessex Archaeology is hosting a ‘Journeys into heritage’ themed art competition as part of our sponsorship of the Festival of Archaeology’s ‘Journeys’ theme day on Monday 18th July. This event is open to all to tell their story of a journey into heritage and have their work showcased in an online exhibition.

Jennie Anderson drawing Festival of Archaeology Journeys theme Jono does digital drawing

The Festival of Archaeology 2022

The Festival of Archaeology will run from 16th to 31st July 2022, with the theme ‘Journeys’. The Festival will take on a hybrid approach of both in-person and virtual events. The Resource Area will be available with self-led, at home activities as well, meaning there are plenty of ways for individuals to engage dependant on their needs.

Leigh Chalmers Heritage interpretation Jennie Anderson runs a Wessex Archaeology heritage interpretation arts worksho

‘Journeys into heritage’ art competition

In the lead up to our ‘Journeys’ Festival day, participants are invited to make a journey into their local heritage and create a recording of what they found for submission in our Festival of Archaeology online exhibition.

No previous experience is necessary, and all participants are encouraged to join this discussion on ‘Journeys into heritage’. We encourage you to get everyone you know involved as the aim is for the ‘Journeys into Heritage’ exhibition to reflect the perspectives of a range of age groups and backgrounds.

Categories include:

  • Photography
  • ‘Mark making’ – Painting, drawing, etc.
  • A piece of creative writing
  • Video or audio recording
Photography Jono does digital drawing Studio tour

Festival of Archaeology 2022 - ‘Journeys’ theme

To start your journey into heritage, please see the Festival of Archaeology’s guidance on this year’s ‘Journeys’ theme:

Getting from A to B, one step in front of the other, road to nowhere, life in the fast lane, life journeys, career paths, holidays, and pilgrimages: our cultural language and heritage is littered with references to the Journeys we make in our lifetimes.

From the processes we apply to archaeological finds to transform their meaning, to the evidence of former transport systems - the theme of Journeys resonates through archaeology. Journeys happen at every scale, through space, time, and personal experience. Journeys include daily commutes, trade routes and migrations. Journeys cross land and sea or take place within yourself as a personal journey.  

A Journey encompasses many aspects of archaeology and heritage from travelling to progression, and during this year’s Festival we want to help people discover new journeys and share their own, whether it be physical or psychological, tangible and/or intangible heritage.  

Jennie Anderson runs art workshop Jono Sutton does digital drawing Jennie Anderson runs art workshop

Inclusive stories of heritage

You are free to interpret the theme of ‘Journeys into heritage’ as openly and creatively as you like.

You could consider how the meaning of heritage has changed throughout your life, the natural features which represent your heritage or the people around you who speak to your heritage. How does your interpretation of heritage change your emotional state, how you relate to others and what you value?

We’re excited to see which stories each participant will decide to tell.



If you would like to submit your own entry please email your entry to comms@wessexarch.co.uk and see the submission form below 

From Monday 18th July all submissions will be added to a live Online exhibition to be hosted here on the Wessex Archaeology webpages.

The entries in each category will then be part of a people’s vote to decide which heritage journeys our Festival of Archaeology participants relate to.


Please visit the Festival of Archaeology pages for further details

Please fill out the below Microsoft Form as part of your submission -