What’s happening?

Wessex Archaeology will be opening our test pit excavations at St Peter's Church, Bristol as part of the Festival of Archaeology

As part of on-going repair and restoration works to this iconic building Bristol City Council has commissioned work to better understand what is beneath the floor of the church in order to repair it.

From Wednesday 20th to Friday 22nd July Wessex Archaeology will be carrying out an archaeological investigation of the floor in St Peter’s Church. 

On Wednesday 20th July we would like to invite you to come down to the church and see what is happening, meet the Wessex Archaeology Community Engagement specialists and find out about the history of this fascinating building.


St Peter's Church St Peter's Church St Peter's Church

Wessex Archaeology staff will be on hand to talk through what we’ve discovered throughout the test pit phase. We’ll also have artefact handling focusing on the Medieval and Anglo Saxon periods which the history of St Peter’s Church covers.

This work is supported by The Pilgrim’s Trust.