Archaeology is an exciting way of exploring the arts, science, heritage and culture. As an educational charity, we are experts in delivering meaningful community engagement and creating exciting media assets that appeal to a diverse audience.

We deliver activities in schools, at events and alongside stakeholders on site, tailoring our resources to ensure that they have the greatest impact. We also provide media engagement services to generate positive narratives in the press. 

Learning & engagement

We deliver exciting activities and resources as a project legacy that enable the public to understand the value of your site and use archaeology to enhance learning into the future. We work closely with you to create a package that suits your needs and meets the learning aims of the local community.

Heritage interpretation

Our in-house studio creatives bring archaeology to life, offering a range of engaging materials which meet your public engagement needs. From watercolour reconstructions to interactive displays and 3D modelling, we help communities gain a meaningful understanding of life in the past.

Media & communications

Our in-house media specialists work with you to ensure your message reaches your target audience. We manage the entire content creation process, from researching stories, copywriting and video editing through to targeted dissemination to media contacts. We also use our own effective and well-maintained media assets to engage the widest possible audience.

Community projects

We have extensive experience of initiating and delivering successful community engagement projects in association with a variety of partner organisations and community groups. We can help you gain funding and offer expert advice throughout the process. 

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+44 1722 326867