Archaeology can be used across a broad range of subjects or it can be studied as an independent discipline. With the right materials and an engaging approach from specialists, it prompts curiosity and interest in learners of all ages.

Wessex Archaeology possesses an extensive collection of artefacts that can be loaned to educational institutions, from the Stone Age to the Victorian era. We can also produce illustrations, reconstructions, 3D models and digital resources to bring archaeology alive. Our flexible approach is tailored to what individual teachers and learners want, rather than being prescriptive.


The Community and Education Team

Our Community and Education Team has a background in adult learning which allows us to provide the skills and understanding to engage your students.

We have materials in a range of formats from 3D models to interactive online activities created by our in-house specialists and Graphics Team. We will work with you to put together the package that best suits your needs.


Beth Harrison

Community Engagement Coordinator

Beth Harrison

Claire Mellett

Principal Marine Geoarchaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Claire Mellett

Holly Rodgers

Geoarchaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Holly Rodgers

Sophie Clarke

Finds Technician & STEM Ambassador

Sophie Clarke

Megan Metcalfe

Senior Marine Geophysicist & STEM Ambassador

Megan Metcalfe

Grace Jones

Senior Post-Excavation Archaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Grace Jones

Natalia Bain

Archaeologist & STEM Ambassador

Natalia Bain

Interactive Archaeology based workshops

Schools Key Stage 3 – 5


Adult learning environments

Work Experience Placements

14- 18 Year olds


Sixth form


Learning resources

Online resources

Teachers’ Packs

Specialised for learner’s


Popular publications

Subject focused

Loan boxes

Physical objects

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