Owen Watts has recently taken over the role of Finds Supervisor at Wessex Archaeology West. He graduated from Sheffield University in 2010 with a degree in Historical and Classical Archaeology and has worked with Wessex Archaeology as a field technician since 2014. Owen was brought in from the field initially to assist with the very large quantity of material being recovered from a Roman kiln site. Since then he has overseen the processing, marking, sorting and packaging of nearly half a ton of Roman ceramics, as well as a wide variety of artefacts of different periods from other sites around the region. 

Owen liaises with our many in-house and external finds specialists to ensure that they get the information needed to produce assessments and reports. Aside from all the pottery one of his favourite finds in recent weeks has been an intricate 4th-century enamel brooch (pictured) as well as a quantity of coins from the same era, which are in remarkable condition. In the future he's looking forward to expanding his knowledge of different artefacts as well as working with our conservation team to learn more about the specific techniques used.