Situated as we are geographically, right on the edge of Salisbury Plain, alongside the wonderful prehistoric archaeology we find many examples of the activities of the modern military custodians of the land.

Amongst the finds we have uncovered in recent years there have been obvious remains of WWII mess kitchens, such as spoons and plates, bottles of sauce and camp coffee, tins of cooking oil and even what appeared to be a block of lard!

This week, as our American friends celebrate their Independence Day, we can show evidence of US military presence on Salisbury Plain and the surrounding area. The state of preservation of some of the US issued provisions goes to show how well made they were.
We found a rare hoard of tins of US Army sun cream – still with the contents intact. 
Sadly there were no contents left in these tins of sliced bacon!
By Sue NelsonFinds Supervisor