Members of CBA Wessex enjoyed a day at the Salisbury offices of Wessex Archaeology on Saturday 12 September 2015 learning about prehistoric and Roman pottery. The day was designed to give participants the chance to handle a wide range of pottery, focusing on central southern England and covering 4000 years, from the very earliest pottery found in this country during the Neolithic period, through to the end of the Roman period around AD 400.
There was also the opportunity to discuss some of the topics that exercise ceramic specialists, such as how and why did ceramic technology change, and what can pottery tell us about the sites we excavate, apart from the dating? The day was designed to appeal to anyone with at least an interest in ceramics, but not necessarily any experience; we hope that it provided information that the participants will be able to use in their future archaeological activities. A similar day on post-Roman pottery (Saxon to present day) is planned for November.