A second, very successful season has just been completed at this remarkable Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age midden site by Wessex Archaeology working with Operation Nightingale and Breaking Ground Heritage, supported by Defence Infrastructure Organisation and Landmarc.

In 2016 we focused on the substantial ditch and bank which enclosed the midden, this year we went in search of contemporary buildings. Opening up a 20 x 20 m area over a complex of postholes identified in 2016, we revealed at least 100 more, many of them substantial, associated with various timber structures. A number of phases are indicated, and amongst the plethora of postholes we identified the majority of two roundhouses, each with a diameter of approximately 11 m. Virtually all of the postholes produced pottery and animal bone, there were several bone spinning/weaving tools, as well as fragments of quern stones.
Recording was completed and the site backfilled shortly before a deluge late Friday afternoon. A huge amount was accomplished in two weeks, to a very high standard, shedding further light on what is an important, possibly unique site. As well as the excavations and sitting round the camp fire, there was the opportunity to do some clay modelling, engage in iron smithing and enjoy a feast of Iron Age food.