Coastal & Marine’s diving archaeologists Graham Scott, and Isger Vico Sommer will be presenting at the first TECNOARQUA at the National Museum for Underwater Archaeology – the ARQUA in Cartagena, Spain.

They will be co presenting on the topic: A review of the practical application of technology to maritime archaeology in the UK. Graham Scott and Isger Vico Sommer will use case studies (Such as the London Gateway project, Drumbeg and Area 240) to examine how existing and new technologies have been applied to marine archaeology in the UK during the last 15 years and consider what has worked and what hasn’t. The paper will approach this from the perspective of archaeology carried out in the highly cost-controlled environments of offshore and port development and of inshore heritage management.

So if you are attending the conference please come say hello to both Graham and Isger! We are looking forward to attending a great conference and making some new contacts.