The excavation is now finished and the trenches are backfilled but the blog does not end here. Firstly we still have lots to report as we got a bit behind on reporting events on site.  Secondly we have the post excavation to report on over the coming months, as well as our film-making project and other Project Florence events.

Today, we have Phil Andrew's, Wessex Archaeology's Site Director, review of the penultimate week of the excavations. This week was a highlight because both the Time Team and the sun (eventually) made an appearance on site.

Another very busy week on site, with Time Team arriving Sunday afternoon and filming from Monday to Wednesday. Weather not great, but there were plenty of opportunities for some good footage of the ongoing excavations and several new discoveries.

The Anglo-Saxon grave count now stands at 25 and we are fast running out of space to find further burials, which is good news with one week to go! Most burials have now been lifted, along with a variety of shield bosses, spears and knives accompanying the male burials - and brooches, beads and other personal items with the female burials. We have two graves left to deal with: a double burial in one grave which is currently being recorded and another which has produced an interesting range of finds – but more of that soon.

The Time Team trench on the northern side of the barrow identified the extent of the graveyard. We also found more of the Beaker ring-ditch in the centre of the mound, while a further section was excavated across the Early Bronze Age barrow ditch, along with a dense spread of contemporary flint knapping debris.

Following the departure of the Time Team – and a torrential downpour – the Summer arrived and we are now looking forward to enjoying a great week on site in a stunning location, with perhaps just one or two new discoveries to take us through to the end.


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