Major changes again to the Trailwalker team with only four weeks to go! Vi Pieterson has stepped in to join the walking team. Vi is one of our Heritage Consultants based in Salisbury and like most of the rest of us is ideally placed to undertake this daunting challenge – having spent most of her life behind a desk! And joining our support team is Rob De’Athe a Project Manager from our London & South East Office. 
Hopefully this will be the final line-up as its getting really close now! With only four weeks to go it would be fair to say it’s time to get serious! I still haven’t achieved a walk of even half the distance (although ‘even half the distance’ is still 31 miles!). This week, as a radical change, I have decided to try walking poles, which amongst other things (according to someone on you tube) are useful for fending off bears. I am sure you will agree they are essential kit for an event on the South Downs.
Andy Crockett and Chris Brayne have taken training for the support team to heart and are getting exceptionally good at driving to a shop and buying cakes.
We are getting closer to our target of £1500 but all money collected goes to an excellent cause so please do consider donating.
By Mark Williams - Regional Team Leader, London & South East