We’re proud to be sponsoring and attending this year's TEDxBath Inter-Connected event – a two-day event of inspiring ideas, talks, activities and connections in Bath.  


What is TEDxBath? 

TEDxBath is part of the international TED organisation. TEDxBath aims to share ideas and issues that relate to the city of Bath and it’s community – they welcome anyone who is interested and passionate about Bath and its community, both now and in the future.  

TEDxBath screen set up

Why are Wessex Archaeology working with TEDxBath? 

Giles Woodhouse, our Chief Strategy Officer, said:  

"We’ve been working in and around Bath for over 40 years, most recently on the Bath Abbey Footprint Project, bringing alive the story of one of Bath’s most important historic buildings. This project allowed us to develop and showcase some of our state-of-the-art digital interpretation techniques, with the aim of connecting people with the past and each other. It was a natural fit to become involved in and support TEDxBath’s Inter-connected themed event this year, and we’re excited to see the broad range of innovations and ideas that are brought to the table."

List of speakers at TEDxBath 2021

What to expect from this year’s TEDxBath event? 

This year’s TEDxBath event is taking place on 18th & 19th November 2021 with a theme of Inter-Connected. “Our lives are inter-connected like never before, language barriers are breaking down, travel is faster and many cultural traditions are being shared. TEDxBath aims to seek, explore and share powerful ideas that have the potential to inspire positive change, both locally and globally.” – TEDxBath  

TEDxBath 2021 speaker

What does inter-connected mean to Wessex Archaeology?  

Chris Brayne, our Chief Executive, said: 

"For Wessex Archaeology, ‘Inter-connected’ is an important concept. As we come out the other side of the pandemic, we celebrate our inter-connectedness as something that kept us going through such a tough period and recognise how integral it is to our wellbeing. As humans, we crave the company of our friends and family, and we search for links that bring meaning and connect us through life. The benefits of heritage towards achieving this are vast and we have seen this first-hand; throughout multiple lockdowns we’ve used heritage as a way of bringing people together digitally to reflect, connect and share their experiences. The past is the story of people: our resilience and tenacity in the face of challenges. While nothing can replace a hug, connecting people using our shared heritage has offered meaning and warmth to those going through particularly difficult times."

TEDxBath speaker

Find out more on TEDxBath's website here.