A programme of archaeological fieldwork conducted by ARCUS (Archaeological and Research Consultancy at the University of Sheffield) examined the site of the former Kelham Rolling Mills at Alma Street, Sheffield prior to the redevelopment of the site for housing.

The evaluation, excavation and watching brief aimed primarily to record the remains of buildings associated with the former Kelham Rolling Mills and adjacent areas as shown on historic maps, and also establish whether any earlier features were present. More specifically the work aimed to determine the type of rolling taking place, either the primary rolling of wrought iron or the production of finished rail, girder or bar. 

The overall objective was to place the site within the wider contextual framework of industrialisation within Sheffield and its region and consider this with regard to national developments during the various phases. 

The publication report is available here, and will in due course be published in the South Yorkshire Industrial History Society Journal. Due to copyright restrictions some of the figures and plates have not been included.

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