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Head Office
Wessex Archaeology
Portway House
Old Sarum Park


Geomatics & Survey

I am based at the Wessex Archaeology South West office as a Geomatics Technician. My main responsibilities consist of processing spatial data, including site survey data, managing deployment, maintenance and set up of survey equipment for the Salisbury office.

I have worked four years in the commercial sector, spent as a field archaeologist and supervising sites in East Anglia. I also gained experience in post-excavation assessment, organising digital archives, environmental and finds processing and report writing. I left this role to pursue my passion in utilising GIS and Remote Sensing technologies to investigate archaeological landscapes. Here I developed processing and interpretation skills for multispectral satellite data and analysed the effectiveness of these multi-spectral data sets to investigate and define archaeological site-scapes.  In addition, during my masters I also developed skills in archaeological deposit modelling, spatial statistics, and more advanced methods of spatial data analysis.

Outside of work, I enjoy outdoor swimming and walking. I am also an avid gamer and enjoy a bit of knitting in the evening.