Wessex Archaeology provides outstanding expertise in this field and will monitor any trial pits and boreholes, interpret sediment formation processes and depositional environments and begin to assess the probable archaeological and palaeoenvironmental significance of those deposits. This work allows the archaeological potential of a site to be evaluated.

Data collected during Ground Investigation (GI) monitoring will often be used to feed into a deposit model, allowing possible archaeological sites to be identified, and allowing any further archaeological works such as borehole survey or archaeological evaluation to be carefully targeted.


Dave Norcott

Geoarchaeology & Environmental Manager

Dave Norcott

Alex Brown

Principal Geoarchaeologist

Alex Brown

Andrew Shaw

Senior Geoarchaeologist

Andrew Shaw

Nicki Mulhall

Environmental Archaeologist

Nicki Mulhall


Ground Investigation

Watching Brief

On-site assessment of archaeological potential

On-site sediment description and interpretation

Retrieval of sediments for subsampling

Retrieval of sediments for scientific dating

Retrieval of sediments for palaeoenvironmental assessment

Analysis & Reporting


Dave Norcott

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