The Energy sector has been tasked with delivering the updated infrastructure essential to support the future growth of our industries and population. Wessex Archaeology has a wealth of experience in working collaboratively with developers across this sector to support this requirement. Our involvement in the development of solar farms, windfarms, nuclear power plants, telecommunications masts and electricity interconnectors places us at the forefront of the sector and we are proud to partner with the industry leaders in the provision of these vital services.

Our experience as part of the project team on large scale construction projects means that we understand how important it is to manage risk and deliver programmes. Our work with above ground, below ground, and with underwater heritage assets means that we understand the logistics, sensitivities and constraints of these environments. We are able to provide expert advice from project conception and, as one of the largest heritage practices in the UK, we are equipped to resource even the largest and most challenging surveys and mitigation projects.

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