Comic books and graphic novels

Many of the styles we use for our animation translate perfectly into comic book format, such as the Manga style seen in the images below created by our inhouse artist Lizzie Garwood.

Our artists are able to generate more visually engaging publications for all age groups, both for print production and online distribution of heritage stories. This is the perfect way to reach a wider audience with stories from the past steeped in heritage. Comics can even engage an audience who are not usually interested in history or archaeology as a subject. Our comics are set in historical or prehistorical settings, with stories that can be based on real: places, objects, and people. They provide an entertaining and immersive way to connect people to places and events form the past. 

Manga Comics - By Lizzie Garwood

Why use the comic or graphic novel format

The visual element of comics not only captures the attention of the audience, but can also provide a narrative experience for students just beginning to read. The limited text format is supported with a high level of visual cues which puts the sentence into a context. This provides a simple story structure that students (or people learning a new language) can follow easily. These stories have: clear beginnings and endings, memorable characters, interesting settings in time, and intriguing plots and sequencing of events, which can be understood without sophisticated word decoding skills.

Comics have come a long way since the golden age of superheroes. The depth and range of subjects now handled in the graphic novel format is unlimited, making comics now a format designed for everyone. From youngsters getting to grips with reading to grandparents dipping into a political satire, comics have the power to enthrall the reader and transport them to another place in time.

Wessex Archaeology's first online comic book Hollis Croft: a matter of time’ by Milica Rajic, is free to access and download in digital format here and available to print out.

To find out more about this project follow the Case Study link below.

Hollis Croft Comic Book Hollis Croft Comic Book

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