The Wessex Archaeology Consultancy Team has undertaken a wide range of historic building assessments across the UK and has considerable experience in delivering Historic Building Assessments to the highest standards. Our team takes pride in its knowledge of historic buildings and in the ability to provide detailed assessments of even the most complicated structures.

Development around, or changes to, historic buildings require careful consideration and are an important element of any planning application. Our experts can carry out detailed assessments to establish what makes a building significant and how that might affect any proposed development or changes to the building. Our Consultancy Team also looks at how a building has evolved from its original construction to the present day and will also consider the setting of the property and whether this contributes to the significance of the building. Following the assessment, a report is produced that can be used as a supporting document in a planning application.


Grace Flood

Buildings Archaeologist

Grace Flood

Conservation area assessment and appraisal

Historic building recording

Consulting with conservation officer or architects


Listed building consent applications

Listed buildings

Provision of documentation

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