It is important that a project operates within a defined and accurate coordinate system to avoid locating things incorrectly. Using a pre-established site control network makes it easier to spot errors straight away and can help to eliminate time consuming and expensive survey problems on construction sites.

Site control networks are a series of survey stations which can be used to set up survey equipment.

Using a control network established in Ordnance Survey National Grid or latitude and longitude removes the need to translate between local and national grids, which can have knock on effects across a project if done incorrectly.


Greater efficiency

Wessex Archaeology is often one of the earliest contractors to site, making us perfectly placed to establish a control network before other work begins, saving you time and money, and most importantly allowing your staff to do their jobs better. Our highly experienced surveyors use the latest GPS equipment, ensuring the accuracy and precision of the control network.

While greater efficiency comes from commissioning a control network in conjunction with other services provided by Wessex Archaeology, we also offer it as a standalone service.

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