Wessex Archaeology’s own Thomas Harrison and Isger Vico Sommer have undertaken and successfully passed the commercial diver training course for the HSE Surface Supplied Ticket at the Commercial Diver Training in Fowey and Plymouth.
Over the four weeks of training, both have been trained by a great group of instructors in all the different aspects of surface supplied diving. This includes the use of Kirby Morgan bandmasks, hardhats, use of different hydraulic and pneumatic tools underwater, underwater welding and Broco burning! Further both are now certified decompression chamber operators, oxygen providers and well trained in the use of a diving cage! 
During their time with the Commercial Diver Training they stayed on two ex-Admiralty Fleet Tenders, Hambledon and Loyal Watcher, which both have been converted to excellent dive platforms! While Loyal Watcher was more SCUBA orientated Hambledon was fitted with a L.A.R.S, cage, wet-bell system, recompression chamber and comes complete with a full surface supplied diving spread!
Both Tom and Isger are ready and excited to undertake archaeological diving projects using surface supplied methods and equipment!