We have now posted our second video demonstrating the results of 3D scanning of Roman objects. This work has been carried out in partnership with Newcastle University and involves the digital capture of objects relating to the Hadrian's Wall World Heritage Site, one of Britain's most important archaeological monuments.
In contrast to our previous video of large monument scans, this video shows 3D scans at the other end of the scale, small objects of prestige and of everyday life in Roman Britain. 
These artefacts are also from the collection of the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle, housed within the Great North Museum. They were scanned over the course of a single day with the help of Faro, who generously provided us with their industry-leading hardware, capable of capturing incredible high detail at a small scale. As with our monument scans this work will also feed into the NU Digital Heritage project (nu-digitalheritage.com).
For more information on the previous monument scans see our series of blog posts.
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