We are delighted to announce that our Larkhill SFA project has been nominated for Rescue Project of the Year in the 2018 Current Archaeology Awards.
The Ministry of Defence earmarked land at Larkhill for new housing as part of the Army Basing Programme. Defence Infrastructure Organisation and its consultants WYG employed Wessex Archaeology to investigate the archaeological potential of the area − previously thought to be free of significant archaeological remains − before building work began.
Excavation revealed an Early Neolithic causewayed enclosure, a hengiform monument surrounded by 14 postholes, Beaker inhumation burials, a Middle Bronze Age cremation cemetery, a very small ring-ditch, and the extensive remains of military practice trench systems, mainly from World War I.
The Larkhill excavations will prompt a re-think on the development of the World Heritage Site and add to our understanding of the funerary/ceremonial/social landscape of the Neolithic and Bronze Ages. In a very real sense, the WWI archaeology links to how 21st century soldiers and their families strive to protect our collective identity... putting service family homes there is hugely appropriate. 
The partnership with our client WYG has allowed for innovative and effective solutions throughout the lifecycle of the project and for me this nomination (Wessex Archaeology and WYG) is an opportunity to celebrate our effectiveness as a team and, our ability to mesh coherently within a multi-disciplinary (and often challenging) environment. 

Voting is open from now until 5 February, and the winners will be announced at the Current Archaeology Live! 2018 conference, held at the University of London's Senate House on 23-24 February.
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