Various projects in Yorkshire, carried out by our Sheffield office in 2014, are reported in the new volume of the Council for British Archaeology’s FORUM Yorkshire. The new edition of the journal (volume 3) contains summaries of all of our recent projects in the area and a longer article about our extensive investigations within a cropmark landscape near Rossington in South Yorkshire. 

The work at Rossington was carried out between 2011 and 2014. A combination of geophysical survey, excavation and environmental analysis showed that woodland was cleared during the 1st century AD in preparation for building fields enclosures which were occupied from the 2nd to 4th centuries. Apart from the ditched boundaries we also found a cremation burial, five waterholes and a working hollow. Artefacts were generally scarce but waterlogged conditions allowed for the survival of fragments of a leather shoe, unworked wood and environmental remains..
We are also pleased to support CBA Yorkshire’s open access policy which means that FORUM Yorkshire volume 2 is now available to read and download on the FORUM Yorkshire webpage. Volume 2 contains summaries of our Yorkshire projects from 2013 and an article about our investigations at All Saints Cathedral, Wakefield, West Yorkshire by Diana Mahoney Swales and Andrew Norton.
Volume 3 will become open access upon publication of the next edition, volume 4, in 2016.
By Andrea Burgess, Post-excavation Manager