Between the 4 and 5 December maritime archaeologists Isger Vico Sommer and Graham Scott from Wessex Archaeology were invited to present at the first Tecnoarqua conference held at the ARQUA, National Museum of underwater archaeology in Cartagena Spain. The conference was organised by the ARQUA, the ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and a spin-off from the University of Malaga – ‘Nerea Archaeology’.

The conference was opened by General Director of Fine Arts of the Ministry of Culture, Luis Lafuente in an address to archaeologists to value the scientific approach to the submerged cultural heritage. The topics presented included the excavation of the frigate Mercedes at over 1000 m depth; latest advances of remotely operated vehicles and autonomously operated vehicles by Könsberg, the excavation and extraction of the Jissel Cog; advancements of underwater photogrammetry and computer applications in archaeology. 
Graham Scott and Isger Vico Sommer presented a review of the practical application of technology to maritime archaeology in the UK, which was received very well by an interested audience made up of members of the Spanish navy, members of the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard), government officials, archaeologists, business leaders in the maritime industry and journalists. 
It was an honour to be invited to present at the conference and we hope that we will be present and able to contribute to the next Tecnoarqua!