My name is Esther Escudero, and I am from Madrid (Spain). I got a Bachelor of History of Art and Archaeology and worked as Archaeologist in Spain since 2007. I have collaborated since then in several volunteer excavation projects both in Spain and Pompeii (Italy). Then, I moved to Portugal in 2012 and worked as Archaeologist and site Illustrator there, just before moving to England in 2015. In 2018 I have also completed a Masters in Medieval History and Archaeology. It has been a long journey meeting so many people in 4 different countries… I have been very lucky excavating artefacts from diverse periods, but mainly Bronze and Iron Age, Roman and Medieval, so I had the chance to draw innumerable amazing finds during my professional career.

Now, I am excited to learn even more from this new experience at Wessex Archaeology, and I am facing this new challenge full of hope and energy! I have been doing Archaeological Illustration since my very first day as Archaeologist, however I love being always learning and improving my work, so I cannot wait to get more skills and, at the same time, doing all my best for the team!

About myself, in my free time, I enjoy ink drawing, acrylic and oil painting, guitar and ukulele playing, walking around my town and visiting museums or any other Historical sites. I am also a Beatles music fan and a sci/fi movies lover!

By Esther Escudero, Archaeological Illustrator

Discover some of Esther's work on her Instagram account here!