Wessex Archaeology
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The Studio

My role as an illustrator based in Kent requires me to prepare a wide range of illustrations for publications and client reports using computer programmes such as AutoCAD, GIS and Adobe CCS. I am also an experienced finds illustrator, using both traditional hand drawn and digital techniques. 

Originally from Madrid I have a BA in the History of Art and an MA in Medieval History and Archaeology. I have worked in the Heritage sector since 2007, working initially as an excavator on sites in Spain and Italy. My career as an archaeological illustrator really took off in 2012 when I was based in Portugal. I moved to Britain in 2015 and feel very lucky to have had the chance to draw innumerable amazing finds during my professional career.

Joining Wessex Archaeology’s Studio team fills me with hope and energy. I am looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges this role will bring and learning new ways to bring the past to life.

In my free time, I enjoy ink drawing, acrylic and oil painting, guitar and ukulele playing, walking around my town and visiting museums or any other Historical sites. I am also a Beatles music fan and a sci/fi movies lover.