The Ten Tors Challenge (TTC) is a major event for youth teams taking place in May each year – 400 teams each of 6 teenagers take on hikes of 35, 45 or 55 miles (56, 72 or 88 km) over the difficult terrain of Dartmoor, visiting 10 nominated tors  and check points in under two days. The teams must be self-sufficient, carrying all that they need to complete their route and stay out overnight.
The TTC is organised by the Army, specifically Headquarters 1st Artillery Brigade & South West, from its Moor Group Headquarters at Okehampton Camp. It is assisted by the Royal Navy (with manpower and helicopters), the Royal Air Force, the Dartmoor Rescue Group, the Police and British Red Cross: between them they oversee the participants and ensure that none comes to lasting harm.
In his ‘other’ job as a Reservist, Major Toby Gane (a Senior Project Manager at Wessex Archaeology’s Salisbury office) who works at Headquarters 1st Artillery Brigade & South West, supported the TTC by working over four days in the TTC Operations Room at Dartmoor Camp helping to co-ordinate military and civilian agency support to the event and teams. This included helping co-ordinate evacuations from the moor, some by helicopter, when required.
Chief Executive Chris Brayne says: ‘Wessex Archaeology is delighted to support the Ten Tors Challenge by releasing staff who are Reservists to assist with the set-up and running of this important event.