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Wessex Archaeology’s Studio was commissioned to create a 3D model of Phil Harding as part of the Safer and Supportive Salisbury group's project “Hidden Figures”.

The projects intention is to produce a series of nine life size statues around the city, celebrating the lives and contributions of Salisbury people, with the choice of the figures emerging from community engagement with people in Salisbury.

Phil is a well know TV personality who has lived and worked in Salisbury for over 40 years. He works closely with the local community, encouraging people to recognise and enjoy the heritage around them. Phil was selected for the first Hidden Figure, not because he works for Wessex Archaeology, but because he is so well known and loved within the city. It is hoped that with Phil as the initial statue other funders will be found to help complete this ambitious project for the city.


Wessex Archaeology’s part of the project was to provide an accurate lifelike 3D model of the subject, in a print ready format to the Safer and Supportive Salisbury group. They then print it out on their own 3D printer. To achieve a relaxed lifelike replica of Phil, the Studio used Structured Light Scanning. This process allows us to digitise an object, or in this case a person, using light. The scanning process is achieved very quickly, using an Artec scanner, a series of scan sweeps is collected of the subject until a complete coverage is achieved. These raw scans are then combined and cleaned by a skilled 3D artist, who prepares the final print ready file.

Click on the image above to interact with the 3D model.

In this case the final model does not require colour as the printing process will be single colour, but we do have the ability to capture full colour this way as shown in the Museum of the Lost and Found.  

We hope to work with the Safer and Supportive Salisbury group on the remaining eight figures, and we wish them well with their search for further funding.