Wessex Archaeology’s Specialist Services Team offers you immediate access to leading archaeological experts.


When Specialist Services are required

We provide advice, expertise and support at the planning stage, in the field and in the laboratory. We ensure timely, cost-effective and skilled treatment of physical objects, including scientific dating, x-ray and conservation.

We can identify and analyse: human, faunal (animal) and environmental remains; lithics (stone tools); ceramics and ceramic building materials; metalwork, stone and glass.

Phil Harding giving specialist advice about flit on site Leather specialist and an osteoarchaeologist examine a Roman child's shoes Conservationist examining an x-ray of a skull

The Specialist Services Team

Our highly qualified staff are one of the largest dedicated teams in the UK, backed by a network of independent specialists in more rarely encountered materials and laboratory analyses.

Local and national policy advice

Project design

Recovery strategies

Artefact selection and retention policy

Artefact stabilisation

Artefact recording

Artefact assessment

Burial archaeology


Faunal remains

Environmental sampling strategies

Environmental sample processing and assessment

Analysis of plant remains

Analysis of prehistoric lithics

Analysis of ceramics (from prehistoric to modern)

Bayesian analysis of scientific dates



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